20 September 2010

blog bourguignon

Mmmm, blogging bliss! Try your hand at creating a blog. Learn other ways the blog tool can be used for project development, on-line note taking, bragging with friends, collaboration in -- and out of -- the classroom. One blog tool with so many applications...

collaboration casserole

A yummy blend of quick and easy Google and other sites that can be used to increase the ease of your team collaborations and decrease time emailing each other multiple revisions. Discover how easy it is to create "JING" tutorials to teach each other and share digital skills. Order a hearty portion of "collaboration casserole" and see how you can move out of your email inbox; bring your collective work to the "on-line cloud;" and see your team's creativity soar!

digital tattoo and internet safety ragout

A spicy, full-flavoured stew steeped with complex issues and subtle notes. How can teachers encourage students to enhance their creativity and yet "be safe" on-line? This session explores:  the complex safety issues in what should -- and should not -- be disclosed on the internet; how to create password protected sharing spaces; special issues for minors; and recommend readings. Special attention will be place on teachers' professional duties when it comes to internet safety in the classroom.

email escargot

One taste of this this mouth-watering email offering and you'll crave these little bytes every day. In "email escargot" learn not only how to keep your email organized, but also, learn what messages do -- and do not -- belong in email space. Reduce email miscommunications and learn how to craft your emails so they can be read easily on Blackberries, iPhones, and similar hand held devices (that are more and more commonly used these days). We will discuss personal practices that reduce the time spent on reading and composing email. And for those artists who are thirsty for more colour in their email inbox, I will offer a taste testing of email stationery that is sure to suit every palette.

e-portfolio parfait

Try this visually stunning and decadently sweet way to document and showcase your work. Learn tips for keeping notes inside your classroom and later developing them into text and audio-visual  presentations. Whether for bragging rights, job performance assessment, or for training other teaching professionals, keeping an e-portfolio not only is impressive, but also, it saves time by keeping all your case studies and success stories at your finger tips.


Aaaah - a perfect cup of soul-satisfying expression. Find ways to help your students -- and yourself -- "say it like it is." From ink on paper to working exclusively "head-in-the-online cloud," we will focus on meeting creative geniuses (and this includes you) where they are most comfortable and free, and then use digital media and digital sharing techniques to help your artists and writers share and shine.

If desired, we can include a brainstorming session about specific  "output" challenges for children in your classroom. Teachers are invited to bring along their own "cooking tools' (cameras, voice recorders, video cams, etc) and sip-along in this spectacular "Express-"oh" extravaganza.

free-time torte

"step away from your computer"
Is your computer sucking all your free time away from you. Find out ways to be more efficient, creative, and save time for other aspects of your life. A balanced professional life means knowing how and when to "unplug" so you can have free-time to refresh and re-create your Self.

iPad Thai

 The iPad has caused a revolution in how we can read, write, watch and connect -- inside and outside of the classroom. Order up platter of iPad Thai to learn all you need to know about teaching with an iPad. Discover how the iPad can give you “work arounds” that help some students with special needs meet your learning objectives. Order the Appetizer size for iPad beginners or the Meal size for teachers ready to make the most out of the iPad as a teaching tool.

Mac snack packs

The Mac computer system is ideal for the digital artist whether you are working in text, images, or sound. These three "snack packs" help you learn how to make the most out of the Mac tools at your finger tips. Similar tools for the PC will be mentioned so PC owners can work along in parallel.

Snack pack #1 - "Eye candy": We start with your photos, and then create slideshows, movies, DVDs, and peak at publishing on YouTube.

Snack pack #2 - "Ear candy": We start with recorded voice or music, learn to edit sound, create podcasts or original music compositions; and then take a peak at publishing to iTunes so students can listen on their personal computers, iPods, iPads, or mp3 players.

Snack pack #3 -"Text treats": We walk through iWork powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, and many gorgeous text options.

online meeting omelette

Online meetings can save time and travel expenses but good ingredients, careful planning, and some practiced skills are required to perfect this "omelette." Come and learn my chef secrets to whipping up and facilitating online meetings.

Q & A quiche

Made with nutritious ingredients from an old-fashioned recipe, Q & A quiche has something for everyone's appetite: you ask and together we'll get you an answer...

social network soup

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks are here to stay. What should teachers be telling their students about the advantages and disadvantages of the social networking. Are there any ways teachers can use social networks to their advantage in the classroom? Order a piping hot bowl of "social network soup" and discover for yourself.

teacher's choice

Teachers all have different appetites and nutritional needs so why wouldn’t you want to special order? Ask me to put together a custom workshop that will meet the special needs and concerns of your teaching staff. I give keynote speeches and workshops on a wide variety of topics such as digital literacy, online learning, gender issues, and counselling issues such as parenting, relationships, resentment, and personal wellness practices.